Franchise Info


YAYA'S utilizes an open kitchen concept. Food is cooked and prepared in view of the customer on an open gas-fired broiler. The sizzling sound of freshly cooked chicken, along with the aroma of flame broiling, provide an appetizing and appealing environment for our customers. The strong visual effects of the open-flame grills emphasize a fresh, natural, and healthy meal which reinforces the quality normally associated with broiled food products. This style of presentation positions YAYA'S as a moderately priced upscale fast food restaurant.

Good Taste Naturally

We feel that YAYA'S Flame Broiled Chicken is the healthiest and tastiest chicken in the world! To achieve the exceptionally good taste of YAYA'S chicken, we serve only farm fresh grade "A" chickens gently marinated in a secret blend of natural herbs and spices. It took years of research and testing to formulate a chicken marinade that could produce the desired taste of YAYA'S chicken. We use all natural ingredients and cook only fresh chicken- OUR CHICKEN IS NEVER FROZEN, NEVER BATTERED, NEVER FRIED IN GREASE, NEVER MARINATED IN OIL. The method of preparing fresh chicken at YAYA'S results in less calories, less fat, and less cholesterol. The flame broiled cooking process enhances taste and the nutritional value of the chicken. At YAYA'S, our chicken is as healthy as it is tasty!

Fresh Food Served Fast

The emphasis at YAYA'S is not fast food, but freshly prepared good food, served fast. The visual display provides a degree of showmanship for the customer. More importantly, customers have the benefit of seeing their order prepared individually in a time frame of approximately 30 seconds or less. This method of service adds value for the customer without inconveniencing their time schedule for dining. The customer has the option of dining in or taking out.

Continued Growth

The first YAYA'S restaurant was opened in Seminole, Florida in November 1985. The first franchised location was opened in Flint, Michigan in April of 1988. By June 2009, 16 YAYA'S locations were open and operating in Michigan and Florida. With the fast food growth in the chicken industry continuing to show strong gains, we believe the opportunity for YAYA'S growth is unlimited. The customer's health consciousness and increasing awareness of the nutritional value of flame broiled chicken is contributing to this growth.

Let's Grow Together

YAYA'S is building a multi-state network. As a franchisee, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. The levels of dedication and enthusiasm with which you approach the business are essential ingredients to the development of your financial operation. We work with individuals who exhibit sound business practices so that through our network they can maximize the potential of this exciting and expanding opportunity. We will provide franchisees with preferred site selection criteria to help determine which area/site is best suited for you. We provide assistance in floor plan design, equipment and product procurement.

Advertising plays an important role in the growth of any business, and YAYA'S is no exception. As an owner, you must spend a portion of your gross receipts for advertising. The largest portion of your contribution will be for your local market while a smaller portion will be for your production costs. In return for your advertising expenditures, we will provide professional advertising materials such as newspaper, direct mail, point of purchase and outdoor advertising layouts, as well as radio and television productions.

Initially, all franchisees attend a YAYA'S training school for three weeks. Additional training for you and your staff will be available upon request. General training includes: operations instruction, personnel management, marketing, advertising, and cost controls. With the help of on-site visits, phone/email communication, and written correspondence, we will maintain a constant line of communication with you.

Recipe For Building Your Future

Building a new business offers an exciting challenge. Franchising combines the knowledge, support, and experience of a larger company with the entrepreneurial spirit of the individual. Your new business will utilize established operational plans, procedures, and controls assisting you in becoming an efficient and productive operation. YAYA'S Flame Broiled Chicken is looking for individuals who exhibit high moral standards, demonstrate sound business practices, and provide dedication and leadership skills. Viable franchise candidates and/or their operating partner must be willing to commit themselves to the operation of the business on a full-time basis.

The initial one time franchise fee is currently Fifteen Thousand Dollars (,000). Additional estimated investment for a standard store of approximately 1,500 to 2,500 square feet, excluding any real estate, ranges from approximately Three Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Five Hundred Dollars (,500) to Four Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars (,000). Recurring fees include a royalty fee maximum of six percent (6%) of the franchisee's gross sales, plus YAYA'S requires a minimum of one and a half percent (1.5%) of each unit's gross sales be spent for implementing YAYA'S approved marketing and advertising programs.

YAYA'S will provide the franchisee: preferred site selection criteria, examples of floor plan designs, sources for equipment and operating supplies, training program, research and development, marketing material, production and coordination, exclusive authorized use of the company's trade marks, trade names, and system of operations.

Any purchase and sale of a YAYA'S franchise will be made only by means of a YAYA'S Franchise Offering Circular which shall contain all of the terms and conditions of said sale and purchase. If you are interested in becoming a YAYA'S Flame Broiled Chicken Franchisee and would like to receive a YAYA'S Franchise Application, please call (810) 235-6550